Corporate Partner Spotlight: Q102

Q102 Cares for Kids Radiothon 2024

In our monthly Corporate Partner Spotlight, we speak with corporate leaders about what inspires them to serve as advocates and ambassadors for children’s health. This month, we spoke with Chris Mitchell and Lori Sharp, WUSQ Morning Show co-hosts.


Chris and Lori lead the Q102 Cares for Kids Radiothon, which has raised $1.8 million for Children’s National Hospital during the past 11 years. Together, they rallied community members and created meaningful partnerships to elevate pediatric care.


How has WUSQ’s support for Children’s National grown over the years?


Chris: Our support began with our first radiothon in the hospital’s atrium in 2013. I had no idea how much money we could raise. My biggest hope was to raise $20,000. As the host, they never revealed to me how much money we raised until the very end during the check reveal. Imagine my surprise when we raised $125,000! I knew our listeners cared so much for the children, and their support has never wavered. Since then, we have raised $1.8 million from a small community of around 100,000 people. 


Local businesses hear the messaging we put out about Children’s National, and it has inspired a lot of our partnerships to raise more funds and awareness throughout the year.


Can you tell us about the most recent radiothon?


Lori: The 11th Annual Q102 Cares for Kids Radiothon was held in early March and raised a total of $125,420! The radiothon spanned two days with heartfelt stories of hope and miracles shared on air. Every year, we laugh, cry and rally behind these little warriors. Funds raised during the radiothon directly benefit the hospital’s programs, research and patient care.


What motivates you personally to continue this work to support Children’s National?


Chris: I laugh about it now, but my first involvement with Children’s National was when I was informed there were plans for us to hold a two day, 26-hour radiothon. Instead of being my usual, confident, happy-go-lucky self, I was terrified and sleepless for three weeks. After a local family told us about their lifesaving experience at Children’s National, I was immediately inspired but still intimidated by the scope and importance of the event. 


A few weeks later, we went on a tour of the hospital. Every parent who spoke to us that day bragged about the exceptional care of their most special treasure, their child. I was in awe (and still am) of the range of treatments offered at Children’s National. Can there be a higher mission than what they’ve tasked themselves with achieving? I left the hospital that day a changed man, determined to marshal whatever influence I had to get my listeners to empathize with those families and support the hospital with their dollars.


What’s the most rewarding part of working with Children’s National?


Chris: Sharing these stories with our listeners brings them together in a way that’s been missing for so many years now. It feels like rain during a drought to see that we can still find common ground, in the most human and compassionate way. It’s helped our community forget about our differences and unite to help our children. 


Lori: To be part of these families’ journeys and to contribute to their well-being — it’s an honor beyond words. The smiles, small victories and resilience of all the children we've met through the years remind me why I’m involved. The most rewarding part is knowing that our efforts directly contribute to helping little lives, providing comfort for local patients and their families and supporting research at Children's National.

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