Two male doctors confer in a research lab.

Ignite Discovery

Donors drive pediatric progress and help children thrive.

Two male doctors confer in a research lab.

Generosity sparks breakthroughs.

It fuels the Children’s National Research Institute’s work to unlock the secrets of childhood illnesses. You can help us deliver more effective treatments and cures. Together, we can save lives and deliver lifetimes. 

A family of four poses for a photo at the oceanside.

John's Story

John’s daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was the first patient to enroll in a particular immunotherapy clinical trial, and it was successful. John says, “If there is a silver lining to her lymphoma story, it’s that she opened a door that might one day help save another child’s life.”

In This Section

A researcher conducts an experiment in the lab.

Children's National Research Institute

We are leaders in children's health research. Generous donations advance the frontiers of knowledge and transform care.

A close-up of a piece of technology-enabled surgical equipment.

Surgical Innovation

Your support has a direct impact on our ability to offer less invasive surgeries and send children home sooner.

A wide shot of the Hospital's research campus featuring multiple glass and brick buildings amongst trees.

Research & Innovation Campus

Our new campus is a global hub for the future of children's health. It is designed to harness innovation and collaboration. Partners include Virginia Tech and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Two practitioners teleconference with a third via a tablet.

Telehealth and Global Medicine

Thanks to philanthropy, our telehealth program helps keep kids, families and staff safe. It also helps families stay connected and expands care to children around the world.

Dr. Mary T. Donofrio uses ultrasound to examine a pregnant woman's baby in utero.

Prenatal Pediatrics Institute

Your generosity supports cutting-edge care for expectant families so babies can have the best start in life.

Patients and families with rare conditions deserve to be treated in a place with the medical knowledge to provide quick, clear answers and the expert care they need.

Marshall Summar, M.D.

Director, Children's National Rare Disease Institute