Prenatal Pediatrics Institute

Our multidisciplinary approach to care starts before a child is born.

Expectant families turn to us to find the answers they need. This care gives developing babies with complex conditions the best starts.

The Prenatal Pediatrics Institute with 50 experts in 19 specialties Institute is there every step of the way. Parents receive comprehensive, innovative care through state-of-the art imaging and diagnostics and genetic and prenatal counseling. With your support, we can create brighter futures for more high-risk babies.

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Cutting-Edge Care for Expectant Families

A female Asian doctor shows a female Asian expectant mother a digital image of her scan.

Prenatal Imaging

Our imaging is key to developing the best treatment plans. Innovative studies through our Developing Brain Institute aim to unlock how and why a prenatal brain may veer off course and how to protect it. Our Prenatal Pediatrics Institute is one of a few worldwide with a fetal neuroradiology team. They evaluate more than 1,000 scans annually, giving families guidance and support.

A Black female imaging technician explains what she is seeing on the monitor to an expectant mother who is White.

High-risk Prenatal Services

Families managing high-risk pregnancies count on us to help prepare for the future. Our Prenatal Cardiology Program helps them plan care for congenital heart issues. Families also have access to robust prenatal testing and counseling through our Rare Disease Institute.

One of the difficult parts of prenatal pediatrics is not being able to see the baby. But with advanced imaging techniques, we are able to get really powerful information about the baby's development. I think the fetal imaging here at Children's National is at the leading edge of the field anywhere in the world.

Adre Du Plessis, M.B.Ch.B.

Division Chief, Prenatal and Transitional Pediatrics; Director, Prenatal Pediatrics Institute; Director, Prenatal Brain Program