Compassion Brings Smiles

By Yoana, a Children’s National parent

My daughter Jocelynne is a ball of sunshine. She loves animals and her siblings spoil her. She’s a thriving toddler today because of Children’s National Hospital.

During my 20-week prenatal anatomy scan, I learned that Jocelynne had hydronephrosis. An excess build-up of urine caused her kidneys to swell. My pregnancy was now high-risk.

Urologist Tanya Davis, MD, was truly a blessing in our lives. I spoke with her twice during my pregnancy. After every conversation, she would tell me to feel free to contact her at any time. She always reassured me that Jocelynne was going to be okay, even before she was born.

Everything went well with Jocelynne’s birth, but she would need surgery to fix her kidneys. She was on antibiotics for nine months until she was old enough and big enough for the surgery.

I was anxious at every step. Dr. Davis explained everything, which was a huge comfort. I didn’t want to let go as they took my baby to the operating room, but I trusted that she was in good hands.

The surgery lasted six hours. Nurses offered hugs and tissues. They told me it was OK to cry. They said, “If you weren’t crying, we’d be worried.” That brought a smile to my face through all the tears.

Today, Jocelynne is off antibiotics, walking and chasing after the dogs at her grandmother’s house. You’d never know she faced so much adversity. Children’s National took care of her. They took care of me, too. I am forever grateful.
A young patient at Children's National Hospital.

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A young patient at Children's National Hospital.