Managing Diabetes with Help from Physicians and Donors

Evan Schwartz (left) with members of the Washington Nationals at the opening of the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex in June 2013. In John Kelly's latest column for the Washington Post Campaign, he writes about 12-year-old Evan Schwartz of Bethesda, one of many children treated at the Washington National Diabetes Care Complex at Children's National. Thanks to support from the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation and other donors, Children's National provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for children with diabetes -- including education about nutrition, exercise, and other areas that become part of children's "new normal" when they are diagnosed with diabetes. Read "Children's National Helps a Bethesda Boy with His Type 1 Diabetes" and support the campaign at! We're grateful to the Washington Nationals for featuring Children's National today as part of their #NatsWeekofThanks.

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