Inspired by their Own Kids Care Childrens National Employees Give Back

The annual employee giving campaign at Children’s National, “I Care, I Share,” during which staff make donations and pledges to support the organization’s mission, kicked off in November 2013. This year's campaign raised more than $1 million through direct gifts, payroll deduction, and donated vacation leave. The campaign profiled several employees who have had their own children treated at Children’s National. Here are two of their stories. 

"Children's National Saved My Daughter's Life" "In 2007, I decided to work at Children’s National because I wanted to support the organization that had recently saved my daughter’s life—twice. Both times she was treated for seizures, and Children’s National provided unique touches that told me it was a special place. The first time, after she arrived by ambulance, the medic gave her a teddy bear. Things like that make a children's hospital different from any other hospital. "As I sat by Chloe’s bed, feeling helpless, I was keenly aware that the nurse seated at the edge of her bed was constantly focused on her and her vital signs -— and was always willing to answer any questions my wife and I had. Once, when I sat in the cafeteria, a staff member walked up to me, put her hands firmly on my shoulders, and said, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ "With these experiences fresh on my mind, I joined Children’s National as an employee six months later. I support the hospital because I am thankful for the treatment Chloe has received—and I know that so many other families are going through similar experiences every day.”  —Mark Miller, Associate Vice President, Philanthropic Marketing and Communications

A Surgeon Puts His Son in the Hands of his Colleagues “I have been a part of the Children’s National family for 28 years. While I understand theoretically how parents must trust the doctors who literally hold their children’s lives in their hands, it wasn’t until my own son needed help that I truly experienced how this felt. "My youngest child, Nico, has a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Over time, his condition became critically worse. We turned to the place I had worked for years and to cardiologist Charles Berul. Nico was taken care of within one week. Dr. Berul did an incredible job with a complicated procedure. Nico has not had an episode for two years now, and our family could not be more grateful for the incredible life-saving work that Dr. Berul performed. I know we can continue to do great work at Children’s National when we all come together in support of the hospital.” —Michael Boyajian, MD, Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

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