Two Brothers Fight for their Lives and Win

Jordan and Zane Mosby are best friends—not only because they are brothers, but because they share a bond of surviving life-threatening illnesses. It all started when Jordan, then 8 years old, came home with a headache and a fever. When his fever worsened, his parents, Janet and Bill, took him to Children’s National. A sinus infection had spread into Jordan’s brain, requiring two surgeries.  “One day your life is regular, and the next day it’s flipped upside down,” Janet said. “Children’s National was phenomenal. I’m convinced the level of care he needed could only have been provided there. "When we said our insurance lapsed, Children’s National said ‘we take care of any child who comes through this door, whether they  have insurance or not’.” The following year, the Mosby family found themselves back at Children’s National for Zane, who was complaining of fatigue, leg pain, and bruising. After running tests, their pediatrician told them to take him to Children’s National right away, where an oncologist was waiting for them. Zane was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent three-and-a-half years of chemotherapy. “Zane’s illness was a complete shock,” Bill said, “but when he got sick and we took him to Children’s National, I had a sense of relief right then and there because I knew he was in more than capable hands.” Zane is now in remission, having finished his last treatment. Bill adds, “If I had only one thing to say about Children’s National, it would be that the doctors managed to make us feel like we were the only parents there.”

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