Video: 2 Sisters. 1 Mountain. Millions of Healthy Babies.

Natalia Luis and Cidalia Luis-Akbar are sisters, businesswomen, and dedicated mothers driven by a goal. As they recently told Kelly Collis and Tommy McFly on the Tommy Show on 94.7 FM, they want to help babies around the world thrive by raising $500,000 to help advance earlier, more accurate diagnostics during high-risk pregnancies and set a new standard of care to give fragile newborns the best chance to survive. How will they achieve their lofty goal?  One step at a time. With unstoppable determination, on Nov. 20 these two sisters will begin climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The 19,341-foot African peak they aspire to reach will serve as a platform to galvanize support so that more babies live to see another day. Watch this video to hear their inspiring story . "Children's National is a place where miracles happen every day," Cidalia said in the radio interview. All funds donated to the campaign, she explained, will support the Fetal Medicine Institute to develop a fetal monitoring system to improve care to newborns and babies in utero. Cidalia and Natalia were recently profiled in the Huffington Post by Tim Ward, author of Zombies of Kilimanjaro. The sisters told Ward that his book was part of their inspiration to setting the ambitious goal of climbing the mountain. During a hike, Cidalia told Ward, "Natalia and I were talking about your book....and how impactful your journey with your son was....We were asking ourselves, how do we make a difference and leave the world a better place for our children? By the time we returned from our hike we had decided to climb Kilimanjaro and to bring Children's National Medical Center with us." Please support their journey and families in the Washington area and throughout the world by making a donation to their campaign at  

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