Fight For Children Paves the Way for Kids to Breathe Easier

Fight For Children, a nonprofit focused on improving the quality of early childhood and K-12 education in Washington, DC, awarded a $140,000 grant to Children’s National to build on the IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic’s outreach program. The grant will help train daycare providers, early childhood educators, and school nurses on asthma prevention and response techniques, specifically focusing on children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. Asthma can be a significant barrier to children fully attending and participating in school. IMPACT DC is an award-winning pediatric asthma program at Children’s National dedicated to improving asthma care and outcomes for children through clinical care, education, research, and advocacy. One of the main goals of IMPACT DC is to lessen the need for emergency room visits and hospital stays by educating patients and families about ways to manage asthma, and connecting them with valuable resources in the local community. Learn more about IMPACT DC and Fight For Children.

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