A Legacy of Hope for Children: William Price

For nearly 30 years, William Price taught 8th-grade science at various public schools in Washington, DC. When students’ parents had not packed lunch, Mr. Price would find a way to make sure they ate. If a student didn’t have a rain coat and was soaking wet, Mr. Price would find a way to get them dry clothes. “I knew that if you had a healthy child who was supported by the community, he or she would have a halfway decent chance of being successful in life,” he once said.

Mr. Price retired in 2002. As he sorted through his papers and photos, he realized that every job he had held supported young people in some way. So Mr. Price decided to name Children’s National in his will to help ensure the overall health and well-being of children beyond his lifetime. He passed away in 2009, and his generosity continues to benefit children throughout the community.

Thoughtful gifts like Mr. Price’s are vital, allowing us to provide essential services not typically covered by insurance. For example, our child life specialists are specially trained and certified to help patients and families cope with illness and hospitalization. They provide emotional support and therapeutic play experiences to minimize stress and anxiety. Similarly, our Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services help patients have a better hospital experience through music, art, and pet therapies.

In addition, donations like Mr. Price’s allow us to provide care for children who live in underserved neighborhoods and areas that have no healthcare providers, or whose families are unable to pay for their care. Our mobile health vans deliver care directly to these communities. Through his work as a teacher and through his estate gift, William Price left a legacy of hope for children—those he encountered during his lifetime and those he will never meet.

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