7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Continents: One Cause

At Children’s National, we appreciate the generosity and commitment of all of our donors. And one donor is embarking on a challenge that few people in the world have achieved.

In January 2018, Jonathan Terrell, founder and president of KCIC Consulting and a member of the Corporate Advisory Council at Children’s National, will complete the World Marathon Challenge, a grueling endurance event in which he will run seven marathons, in seven days, on seven continents. Terrell, a longtime marathoner, decided to take on the challenge to support children – particularly those with mental health needs.

“Mental health is a subject close to my heart,” Terrell explained. “I spent several years working in psychiatric institutions, gaining firsthand experience caring for people who struggled with mental illness. After learning about the vision Children’s National has for improving the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, I knew that would become my cause.”

As Terrell puts it, mental health statistics are alarming, but the science is hopeful:

  • 20% of all children have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder.  

  • Fewer than 1 in 5 receive treatment.

  • 1 in every 88 children in the United States has autism spectrum disorder.

However, developments in genetics have led to new insights about mental illness, which have the potential to not only improve treatment, but also help remove the stigma and negative perceptions about mental illness.

Terrell’s ambitious goal is to raise $1 million to meet several immediate needs to improve psychiatric facilities and services at Children’s National:

  • A special sensory room for children with autism

  • The ability for patients to meaningfully continue their education in an appropriately equipped classroom

  • Equipment for a gym.

Terrell is seeking individual donors and corporate sponsors. To learn more about the World Marathon Challenge and donate, visit Terrell’s website, TakeTheRisk.run. Sponsorships begin at $1,000, and you can download his sponsorship kit to see recognition opportunities for this international event.

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