Corporate Partner Spotlight: Ivy Savoy-Smith

Welcome to our Corporate Partner Spotlight. Each month, corporate leaders share why they serve as advocates and ambassadors for Children’s National Hospital within their company and across the community. This month, we spoke with Ivy Savoy-Smith of Audacy.

Ivy is the Senior Vice President & Market Manager at Audacy, Washington, DC, the audio home to local stations like 94.7 The Drive, WPGC, 95.5 and El Zol 107.9. Ivy grew up in Southern Maryland and joined Audacy 20 years ago. El Zol 107.9 has supported Children’s National by hosting a holiday season radiothon for the last 14 years. However, Ivy’s relationship with Children’s National started long before the radiothon. Her oldest child Sydney was born with a congenital heart defect and became a patient at only 2 days old. Sydney, inspired by the care she received, is studying pediatric nursing and hopes to one day work at Children’s National.

Ivy, why do you support Children’s National as a member of our Corporate Advisory Council?

I support Children’s National because of the great work they do with children and their families. Children are our most precious beings. They are our future and should be treated as such. Children’s National ensures that.

Over the years, El Zol 107.9 has raised nearly $5.2 million for Children’s National. Amazing! How else do you think the radiothon helps Children’s National?

The radiothon helps us engage our clients and sponsors to also support Children’s National. It brings greater awareness to Children’s National and the care you provide for kids in the DMV and beyond. Prior to our radiothons, I don’t think many listeners realized that families come to Children’s National from different states and countries.

El Zol 107.9’s annual radiothon just happened last week on December 10. What is the most rewarding part of the radiothon for your team?

I love seeing the donations roll in for Children’s National! I also love seeing the proud look on the faces of my on-air hosts as they secure these generous donations. They truly care about the kids and always look forward to helping our community in this way.

Children’s National has a comprehensive fundraising campaign, follow the leader, to transform pediatric health for kids, our future leaders. What role can business leaders play in its success?

I think it’s a similar strategy that we use for our radiothon – commit to getting involved, engage your entire team, and challenge your clients and competitors to get involved too!

What lessons have you learned from partnering with the hospital?

I have learned a lot about gratitude and sacrifice. I remember feeling alone as a young mother, thinking I was the only one with a child who had a heart condition. At Children’s National, the staff and other patient families were there to help and encourage me. I was so grateful to meet other mothers who shared their experiences with me. What’s more, many families are not as fortunate as others to have the means to pay for their child’s care. They sacrifice so much for their kids. Children’s National helps and encourages them, too. It’s wonderful to have Children’s National in our community.

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