A set of White parents, a woman and a man, pose for a photo with their infant son.

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A set of White parents, a woman and a man, pose for a photo with their infant son.
At Children’s National, we cherish our relationships with patient families. Our story is about helping children grow up stronger. Your story at Children’s National helps us educate others about the important work we do every day. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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Tell us your name and where you’re from.


How did you get involved with Children's National?


What does the care your child received at Children's National mean to you and your family.

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Tips for Recording


Start illustration Click “start” for step-by-step instructions and an optional tutorial before you record.
Make your video in a quiet, well-lit place.
Speak slowly.
If you’re using a phone, hold it horizontally, center your face in the middle of the screen and hold it steady (or have someone else hold it).
Get your kids involved! We’d love to hear from all members of your family about the impact or the memories from Children’s National.
Once your video is complete, don’t forget to click “upload.” You’ll receive a confirmation email when the process is complete. Then, you might see your story shared online via our social media channels or our website

Thank you

By sharing your family’s story, you make a difference in helping us guide children and families in our community toward a brighter future. You’re helping spread the word about the compassionate, world-class care we offer to every child. Thank you!

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