Corporate Partner Spotlight: Brigg Bunker

Welcome to our Corporate Partner Spotlight. Each month, corporate leaders share why they serve as advocates and ambassadors for Children’s National Hospital within their company and across the community. This month, we spoke with Brigg Bunker of Folger-Pratt.

Brigg BunkerBrigg Bunker is Managing Partner and COO of Folger-Pratt, a real estate investment and development firm with deep roots in the Greater Washington region. He is responsible for the development and construction of all projects, and is also a member of the Board of Directors. Brigg is a member of the Children's National Foundation Board and Co-Chair of the Corporate Advisory Council. He also is a former Chair of the Race for Every Child, but his proudest role is that of a grateful father. His daughter received life-saving treatment at the hospital and support of Children's National is now a family affair.

Why are corporate partnerships important to Children’s National’s mission to provide exceptional, compassionate care to kids and pursue innovative pediatric research?

Partnerships are an effective way to raise awareness for Children’s National, receive valuable insights from business leaders, and connect additional individuals and businesses to the hospital. At Foulger-Pratt, participation with Children’s National has enabled us to enhance our culture, engage our employees in participating in the Race for Every Child, and emphasize why we think it is important to engage in the mission of Children’s National.

When I heard about some of the needs and opportunities at the Children’s National Research and Innovation Campus, I immediately thought of Mike Felts and Craig Ruppert at Ruppert Landscape, a company we respect and have worked with for many years. Ruppert Landscape engaged immediately and was able to engage its talented team to beautify the Research and Innovation Campus.

What are some of the ways companies and their employees partner with Children’s National?

After engaging with Children’s National and communicating with their employees, we have seen that many companies have found that many of their employees had personal experiences with Children’s National and others were eager to engage is such a meaningful cause. In addition to the team building that occurs around specific events such as the Race or the Ball, we also saw that companies and employees engaged in gifting by direct donation and company matching.

What shared challenges do businesses and organizations like Children’s National face today?

Children’s National is more than just a hospital for children. It’s focus on research and innovation has and will continue to improve community health in the DMV and provide valuable insight and breakthroughs that benefit children throughout the world. In addition, the leadership team at Children’s National continues to build partnerships with other children’s hospitals and other important health and research institutions.

Similarly, businesses and organizations are working to innovate and improve through internal improvements as well as looking outside to partner on best practices and collaboration. In addition, businesses and organizations are more focused on physical and mental health and wellness than ever before.

What’s the most rewarding part of working with Children’s National as a member of our Corporate Advisory Council?

I engaged with Children’s National because I am a grateful parent. My daughter, Grace, become very ill when she was 5 years old. That resulted in her being life-flighted to Children’s National, emergency surgery, and a prolonged stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit before being released nearly a month later. We expected Grace to receive incredible care and attention, but we were impressed by the care and attention that the entire family received from the nurses, doctors, and administrators.

As a result of our personal experience, I committed to engaging with Children’s National because I know that our experience was not unique. They provide the same level of service to all of their patients and families. I find it incredibly rewarding to work to try to benefit the children and families that are going through challenging circumstances and find themselves at Children’s National.

Children’s National is celebrating 150 years of caring for kids – what is your wish for Children’s National?

We are so blessed to have Children’s National in our community. It is one of the premier children’s hospitals in the world that provides incredible care, and it employees a significant amount of people in our community. Children’s National has been too much of a hidden gem in our community for too long. My wish is that Children’s National gets the attention it deserves from businesses and organizations in the DMV and beyond. My hope is that Children’s National becomes the charity of choice for many!

Corporate partners are key to helping us ensure every child can grow up stronger. If you or your company are interested in supporting Children’s National, please contact Foundation Vice President Julie Butler at [email protected].

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